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U P C O M I N G     E V E N T S

November 2008:

I'm moving most of my business related topics to my company website at OLB Productions. For cool, handy and affordable iPhone apps see also Lingon i Korg Software Creations.

I will be speaking about Interaction Design and User Experience for Mobile software applications (including iPhone applications and web applications with Ruby on Rails) at the Oredev.org Mobile Development Conference in Malmo, Sweden November 17-21. The focus this year is on "Mobile 2.0", with the tagline "Renaissance Development."
Other interesting speakers include two prominent figures in the technology space: David Heinemeier Hansson (Ruby on Rails) and Daniel Eran Dilger (Future of Mobile Development).

August 2008:

Launching a handful of new mobile applications for Apple's iPhone and iPod touch, under the Lingon i Korg Software Creations brand. All are available or in cue for release on the iTunes App Store: Lingon i Korg Software Creations was founded in Sweden in 2008, with the mission of designing and producing handy software applications for Apple's mobile platforms, including iPhone and iPod touch, as well as provide Cocoa, Cocoa Touch and related consulting services. Trivia: Rulla is Swedish for "to roll," and "Lingon i Korg" means "lingon in a basket." iq option demo

P R E V I O U S     E V E N T S

9 June 2008:

Attended Apple's WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference), June 9-13th, in San Francisco, USA. iPhone development for native and web applications were the main attractions this year.

12 May 2008:

Icon design for rC — a Mac OS X Cocoa application, targeting Project Management in Software Engineering. ("rC" is a working name. Project currently in development.)

14 March 2008:

Premier performance of my new Ensemble and Soprano piece "Angelus Novus", at the Siren Festival v.2008 in Göteborg, Sweden.

24 February 2008:

Second performance of my Recorder and Electronics piece "Force de Nature" in Göteborg, Sweden on February 24th. Musicians were Simone Schmidt and Monica López Lau from the Lausanne Conservatoire in Switzerland.

1 February 2008:

Second performance and premier performances of my pieces for Clarinet Solo, Oboe Solo, Piano Solo ("Algorhythm #1") and Amplified Guitar + Video ("Als stürzte er in ein zu frühes Grab hinein"). Performed in Freiburg, Germany on Friday February 1st in the "Junge Komponisten Konzert".

14 Jan 2008:

Launched 43 Actions; an advanced to-do list and Getting Things Done (GTD) organizer for Apple's mobile platforms (currently iPhone and iPod touch). Thanks to Apple for listing it prominently in its Web Apps Directory.
More up-to-date information about 43 Actions can be found on its blog.

7 Dec 2007:

Started a personal blog over at olb.tumlbr.com.

Added some additional soundtracks to the "Oasis" video portfolio.

1 Oct 2007:

Moved to Freiburg, Germany to study composition with Profs. Mathias Spahlinger and Cornelius Schwehr.

11 June 2007:

Invited on a scholarship from Apple to the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC'07) in San Francisco, June 11-15. Had a great time in the Golden Valley.

30 May 2007:

Performance of my choir piece "Sov" ("Sleep" in English) in Bremen, Germany.

10 May 2007:

Premiere of the Opera project in Göteborg. Continues through Tuesday the 15th.

9 April 2007:

Finished production of the "Biogas" corporate video for Roger Blum and the Werlte Biogas Plant in Germany.

24 March 2007:

Performance of my choir piece "Comments" by Eric Ericsons Kammarkör in Stockholm, Konserthuset, March 24th. (Review from SvD.)

14 March 2007:

Siren Festival in Göteborg from March 14-17. Performance of new pieces for Solo Clarinet, Choir a capella and Flute & Live Electronics.

21 January 2007:

Performance of my choir piece "Comments" at the finals in the Åbo Choir Competition in Finland. (Third prize. Congratulations on the first prize to my friend and colleague Esaias Järnegard Fogelvik.)

18 January 2007:

Finished a sound/music production for corporate video "Ionergy". (Video by Roger Blum.)

16 December 2006:

Shagrugge mashed up my "Rhodes Jam No. 1" song over at ccMixter.org. Well done, guys! More evidence that the Creative Commons is a powerful creative force.

29 November 2006:

Concert with Son of a Y laptop trio and laptop duo Resonans at Artisten, Göteborg.

21 November 2006:

Percussion concert at Artisten in Göteborg. Second performance of my Percussion Quartet (in a Surround Formation), "In God We Must".

9 November 2006:

Premier performance of the piece "Force de Nature" for two recorders and live-electronics, at the MANCA Festival in Nice, France. (Festival review.) Performed by Monica López Lau and Simone Schmidt from the Conservatoire de musique de Lausanne.

29 October 2006:

Concert at the Göteborg Art Museum, modern section. Premier performance of my Percussion Quartet (in a Surround Formation): "In God We Must".

14 October 2006:

Concert with Son of a Y laptop trio at the Performance Festival in Alingsås, Sweden.

08 September 2006:

Sound-installation "Floating Reality" for Mölndals Museum. Was performed during the Kulturnatta.

31 August 2006:

Performance of my choir piece "Comments" (lyrics by Allen Ginsberg, "Footnote to Howl") at the Festival for Young Nordic Music (UNM). Performed and recorded by the Danish Radio Choir in København, Denmark.

30 August 2006:

Teru mashed up my "Rhodes Jam No. 1" song over at ccMixter.org. I'm very happy about the direction the whole Creative Commons community is taking.

29 July 2006:

Performed with Son of a Y laptop trio at the Norberg Festival near Stockholm, Sweden.

17-21 June 2006:

Collaborative workshop with Swedish composers of both contemporary music and pop music. Arranged by SKAP (The Swedish Society of Popular Music Composers).

29 May 2006:

New website is done. Fill 'er up.

26 May 2006:

Concert at Brewhouse, Göteborg. Performance of among others Son of a Y and pieces including Per il Sole di Regolazione performed by Lidija Radmilac.

22 May 2006:

Concert at Änggårdsvillan in Göteborg. Pieces performed included Per il Sole di Regolazione, performed by Lidija Radmilac, and Zwei Begränzte Miniaturen, performed by Andreas Allenmark and Jenny Samuelsson.

14 May 2006:

Home from a trip to Portugal with the composition class in Gothenburg. We had a club performance with Son of a Y and a concert with pieces including Per il Sole di Regolazione, performed by Andreas Westerdahl.

13 March 2006:

Concert at Örgryte New Church with performance of Per il Sole di Regolazione, performed by Dusica Cvijanovic.

03 March 2006:

Concert weekend with the contemporary music festival Siren. Performances of among others Anticipato, Bianco and Zwei Begränzte Miniaturen.