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Welcome to the personal website and portfolio of Oskar Lissheim-Boëthius. This is my cave. Here I post my creative works from the past and present, and information about the future.

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Oskar Lissheim-Boëthius was born in Söderköping, Sweden in April of 1983. Formal education in Contemporary Composition in Music High School for Swedish composer David Swärd.

Later, studies with Per Mårtensson, Henrik Strindberg and Sven-David Sandström at the School of Composition in Visby, Gotland. Currently studying composition at the Gothenburg University with Professor Ole Lützow-Holm, Anders Hultquist and Per-Anders Nilsson in Göteborg, Sweden.

Lessons and lectures for Folke Rabe, Tristan Murail, Dror Feiler, Brian Ferneyhough and Ake Parmerud. Pieces performed by the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra (SON), Visby Wind Quintet, Danish Radio Choir, Visby Brass Orchestra, AxelssonNilssonDuo and the S:t Johannes Chamber Choir.

Participated with pieces in festivals such as the Ljudvågor Festival in Visby, Ung Nordisk Musik Festival in København, the MANCA Festival in Nice, the Sirén Festival in Göteborg, the Åbo/Turkku Choir Competition in Finland and the Junge Komponisten Konzert in Freiburg.

In the fields of Design and Web/Mac/iPhone development, Oskar has participated in the web community of developers since 1997 (Flash, XHTML, LAMP and Ruby on Rails), in the Mac OS X/Cocoa community since 2002, and in the iPhone and mobile development community since early 2007.

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Below are some of my other sites. Including the design-studio Avocade Creations, and the sound/music/video production-house Acoustic Pond media productions.

the tools of the trade

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Q: About the design--why use such thin columns?
A: Simple reason: It's easier to read. Why do you think newspapers still use columns? Because it enables people to read stuff quickly. Humans aren't too well equipped to read text with lines as wide as the screen, as I'm sure you've noticed while visiting some less designed, text-abundant sites.
   And as a bonus, this site is very readable on smaller monitors as well as hand-helds. We really need to start thinking about all these new, tiny devices accessing the web more and more frequently these days. If users find that your website doesn't view well on their tiny screens, well guess what; they'll never visit it again. And finally as an added bonus-bonus, it's easier to read for disabled and/or elderly people. I welcome you all.

Q: Why did you make this site?
A: I needed a place to project my digital self, including my music, design and art. I also enjoy very much designing and building websites. Probably just as much as you love visiting them ...

Q: You actually enjoy designing websites?! How about doing one for me?
A: Sure. I get that all the time (ehm ...). Seriously, though, just contact me in some way and we'll discuss the practical matters.

Q: So,this isn't the only website you've made? You suggested that yourself.
A: Correct. This is, hmm ... let me think, my fourth or fifth personal site, and about the fifteenth website I've created myself. You can visit some of the old ones by paying tribute to my digital tombstone.


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